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Sentiment Analysis with Alpine

Alpine Data Miner advanced sentiment analysis with Greenplum

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zData offers Big Data advisory services, engineering, and noSQL development. We specialize in Big Data solutions and scalable systems like Greenplum, Hadoop and SQLFire. Our offerings range from expert managed services to onsite consulting.


At zData we have experience in engineering, developing and implementing Big Data solutions. We are on the forefront of custom solutions for high volume distributed noSQL processing and complementary Greenplum technologies, and are on the forefront of Enterprise Data Lake Solutions.


The training team here at zData has experience in building and delivering professional structured training. We have been diligently developing a next generation training course for Greenplum and the entire Pivotal Suite.


zData can help you get started with Big Data and provide a migration path to all of  your enterprise class needs. We explore options using open source software allowing us to help you grow as your data needs expand.


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Making BIG DATA Small
Harness your BIG DATA with the help of zData. Let our zData solutions help you discover insight from all your data so you can serve your customers in the context of who they are, where they are, and what they are doing in the moment. We can guide you through the evolution of adopting big data technology by helping you store, manage, and deliver value from your data.  Our offerings use standardized software that allow your organization to leverage advanced analytic tools on open source and enterprise class software.  zData’s solutions provide customers with a low barrier of entry and a clear path to enterprise class solutions.  Start with one of our turnkey solutions—grow BIG from there.

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