Greenplum Consulting

ZData Inc. Greenplum Database Consulting offers a unique focus on Pivotal-based application and technology initiatives by combining leading expertise, broad coverage, global scale, and flexible delivery. ZData Greenplum Consulting can serve as the focal point of your relationship with EMC’s and Pivotal technologies and serve as your Greenplum Specialists.

Leading Expertise
ZData Greenplum Consulting delivers on Pivotals commitment to give you a superior Unified Analytics Environment. We develop our thought leadership through collaboration across the Greenplum ecosystem, such as participation in all major Greenplum events and regular interaction with Greenplum strategy.  This experience can provide unparalleled insights and industry-specific best practices. Our accelerated integration methodology helps you realize rapid value and competitive advantage with ZData’s services.

Broad Coverage
ZData Greenplum Consulting provides a single point of accountability and customer satisfaction across all Greenplum solutions, offering expertise for both the private sector and government.    Additionally ZData has consultants both on an engineering and management level that hold an active Secret and Top Secret DHS clearance.  With ZData Greenplum Consulting you can get even better results from your technology investments in critical areas such as system performance and architecture, business process management, security and advanced analytics.

Accelerate Analytics
With our deep business knowledge and process expertise across all key industries, we supply business acumen for Fortune 100 as well as mid-size businesses and agencies. Our end-to-end service-delivery capabilities, high-quality project management, and best practices that focus on results let ZData Greenplum Consulting achieve exceptional long-term customer-retention levels.


Greenplum Engagement Manager (Business Analyst / Quality Assurance) – This resource will be the single point of contact between the customer and the Greenplum team. This resource will be responsible for the project timeline, scope and deliverables. The secondary responsibility of the Engagement Manager is to provide an analyst / QA role for the team. He/She will attend all engineering and architecture meetings to help create continuity across the project and lead requirements meetings that will help create the implementation plan

Greenplum Database Solution Architect – This resource will specialize in the design and implementation of data warehouses and how to optimize and leverage the Greenplum database engine for analytics or reporting. This resource will also be responsible for teaching the internal team how to optimize the physical database design and will work with the project team to develop processes like partitioning, resource management, external tables and how to optimize them within Greenplum.

Greenplum Database System Engineer– This resource will be tasked with the configuration and optimization of the Greenplum database appliance. They will work intimately with the hardware vendor to certify and validate the installed appliance before production use and will also validate build guides and install patches and upgrades. They will work closely with the GP Architect to optimize hardware specific tasks like parallel loading and backing up the system.

Greenplum Database Administrator This resource will be tasked with the development and management of the Greenplum Database platform.  Responsibilities include setting up users, groups and roles and the creation and design of new schemas and data models.  This resources primary responsibility will be the conversion of legacy database systems into Greenplum Specific ANSI standard SQL.

ETL Scripter/Developer – This resource is critical to the automation of the Greenplum database. Every customer will have different requirements for loading, scheduling and logging and this resource is needed to create and maintain a production system. They will be responsible for designing an ELT architecture that leverages the parallelized loading with gpfdist and also how to script the customer’s backup requirements. This resource will also understand administration techniques for scheduling of jobs, maintenance, logging and performance.

BI Developer – This resource will focus on your analytics and BI needs.  Not only do we have experience with tools like Business Objects/Microstrategy etc, we also have in-house expertise in using Tableau and Pentaho on the Greenplum platform.